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Name the photosynthetic organ and photosynthetic organelle in plants?

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Jun 20, 2018


Organ: the leaf. Organelle: the chloroplast.


The majority of mesophyll (photosynthetic plant tissue) is located in the leaves, thus making them the main photosynthetic organ in plants - it looks like this:

Inside of the mesophyll are organelles called chloroplasts. These organelles convert light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy for the plant to use. This is a chloroplast:

You will noticed little stacks of coin-shaped things (thylakoids) and this is where the action happens. Inside the thin membrane of the thylakoid, there are a ton of proteins that are dedicated to converting light to energy the plant can use to grow. Here's a detailed depiction of that process:

You will notice the input of the system is light and the output is ATP, the chemical energy the plant uses.

Hope this helps!

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