Nick hypothesizes that wax has a higher melting point than chocolate. How can Nick test his hypothesis?

1 Answer
Jul 1, 2017

You could do this for wax........but not other chemicals......


Put some wax in your mouth. Does it melt? NO! Spit it out now!

Put some chocolate in your mouth. Does it melt? Yes! Yumm..

The food technologists who prepare chocolate probably have vast data on the mouth-feel of chocolate, which of course is a very important commercial consideration. And different countries prepare different formulations of chocolate, by varying the amount of cocoa butter, and sugar, and milk and cream. The chocolate you get in Europe tends to be darker, and higher melting than the chocolate you get in England, which still has a bit of cocoa butter, and a pronounced chocolaty taste. The chocolate you get in the States tends to be yuk, and full of sugar........

I am not the only person who has noticed this, because I know that when I lived in the States there were small specialist stores that catered to the Brits living abroad, who hankered for a block of proper Cadbury's chocolate.