Nitrogen and hydrogen gas react to form ammonia gas. At a certain temperature and pressure 1.2 L of N2 reacts with 3.6 L of H2. If all of both gases are consumed what is the final volume of NH3 produced?

1 Answer
Apr 17, 2017

The final volume is #2.4" L"#


Here is the balanced equation

#N_2+3H_2= 2NH_3#

At STP, 1 mole has a volume of 22.4 Liters. To do a dimensional analysis conversion from Liters to moles:

#(N" Liters")/1(1" mole")/(22.4" Liters") = N/22.4" moles"#

Please observe that Liters and moles vary directly, therefore, we can simply multiply each of the coefficients (that represent moles) by #1.2" L"# to obtain the volumes:

#(1.2" L")N_2+(3.6" L")H_2= (2.4" L")NH_3#

It does not really matter what number of moles that we have as long as we maintain the #1:3:2# relationship.