Out of 30 questions, Ahmad answered 12 them incorrectly. What percent of the questions did he answer correctly?

2 Answers
May 3, 2018

He answered 60% of the questions correctly.


If Ahmad answered 12 questions incorrectly out of 30, that would mean that he answered 18 correctly as 30-12= 18.
Now that we've found the number of questions answered correctly, we need to turn it into a percentage. Since the fraction of correctly answered questions is 18/30, we can then simplify that to 3/5.
Multiply both numerator and denominator by 20 to make the fraction over the number 100.
Our resulting fraction is 60/100, meaning it's 60%.
Ahmed answered 60% of the questions correctly

May 3, 2018



Ahmad answered 12 out of 30 incorrectly;
Ahmad answered #(30-12=18)# out of 30 correctly.

If 30 is 100%, what percent is 18 of the questions?
The ratio is: