Out of #Tc, Rh, Zr, Y#, which element has the smallest atomic radius?

1 Answer
Nov 5, 2016

#"Rhodium"# has the smallest atomic radius of the given elements.


All of the metals derive from the 2nd row transition series. Atomic size DECREASES from left to right across a Period as we face the Table, but INCREASES down a Group.

Given the atomic numbers, atomic yttrium (#"Group 3"#) is larger than zirconium (#"Group 4"#), which is larger than technetium (#"Group 7"#), which is larger than rhodium (#"Group 9"#).

Now as a chemist, as a physical scientist, it is your job to seek out the data that inform this argument. You should look up data that compile the atomic radii of elements. I might be pulling your leg.