Parking garage charges $1 for the first half-hour and $0.60 for 2. A each additional half-hour or portion thereof. If you have only $6.00 in cash, how long can you park?

1 Answer
Feb 23, 2018

See a solution process below:


First, we can subtract $1.00 from the $6,00 to cover the first half hour of parking.

$6.00 - $1.00 = $5.00#

We can divide $5.00 by $0.60 to find how many additional half hours you can park.

#($5.00)/($0.60) = 8.333333333333333#

You can park the original half hour covered by the $1.00 and an additional 8.333... half hours with the remaining $5.00

However, because this is charge in half hour incrementalists you need to round down to the nearest integer which is 8 half hours.

So you can park for a total of 9 half hours which is equivalent to #4 1/2# hours.