Please help..., Iced tea mixture is in drink one as 9 tbsp mix to 4 cups of water and in drink 2 as 7 tbsp mix to 5 cups of water If I want a strong glass of iced tea do I use mix 1 or 2? Please help me explain.

1 Answer
May 2, 2018

You must use the first mix.


In the first mix, there are 9 tablespoons of iced tea for 4 cups. So, there must be exactly #(9/4)# tablespoons of iced tea in one cup(apply the Unitary Method).

Similarly, the second mix has 7 tablespoons of iced tea for 5 cups of water. So, 1 cup of water must contain #(7/5)# tablespoons of iced tea.

Now you must find which mix has a greater fraction. First, convert both fractions to a common denominator.
#(9xx5)/ (4xx5) = 45/20#
#(7xx4)/ (5xx4) = 35/20#

Clearly, #9/4# is greater. So, the first mix has a greater concentration of iced tea.