Please help im not sure if its b or d?

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Jan 19, 2017

We interrogate the rxn:

#"Atom(g)" + Delta rarr "Atom"^(+)(g) + e^-#


Now we know that ionization energy INCREASES across a Period from left to right as we face the Table because of the increase in nuclear charge.

Down a Group the ionization energy decreases, because the nuclear charge is effectively shielded by a complete inner shell.

So you can readily solve this so long as you are looking at a Periodic Table. You know that the inert gas neon will have the greatest ionization energy because it has a complete valence shell, and only #"d"# places the gas in top position.

If you are worried about #"b"#, then you should, as should any physical scientist, examine the data. See

The diagram clearly shows the trend I have argued.