Monohybrid Crosses (Mendelian Inheritance) question?

In a Punnett square with two guinea pigs of Hh genotype, how many H/h alleles does a baby guinea pig inherit from the:
• mother?
• father?

If a baby girl guinea pig looks almost identical to its mother, does this then mean that it inherited more alleles from its mother? Explain (relate to dominant and recessive).

1 Answer
Aug 29, 2017
  1. one allele from mother, one allele from father
  2. yes, this means the mother's alleles are dominant


  1. "The amount of alleles that a baby Guinea pig inherit from the mother are two , 1 from its mother and 1 from its father.
  2. ie: if its mother had a dominant black fur (BB) and its father has recessive grey fur (bb) , there is 100% chance that the baby will has a Bb genotype, which will give them either black fur or dark grey fur."
  3. Yes, the mother likely has several dominant alleles that manifested as a heterozygous genotype in the baby, giving it a phenotype largely similar to its mother.