Q.6 What are functionof the followings? Lysosome, Ribosome, Vacuole, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Cell membrane

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Aug 13, 2018

Here is a brief description:

  • Lysosomes #to# major role in phagocytosis i.e engulf #&# breakdown any foreign particles that enters the cell. These are also involved in autophagy or self-eating. During autophagy some old worn out parts of cell, such as old mitochondria are digested. In this way, materials of cell may be recycled and cell may be renewed.

  • Ribosomes #to# synthesize proteins. That's why sometime also called as Protein factories.

  • Vacuoles #to# vacuoles are predominantly involved in storage in both animal #&# plant cell. But in plant cell, a larger central vacuole is also a major contributor to the turgor that is salient for maintaining rigidity in younger parts of plant.

  • Nucleus #to# having genetical material, controls almost all the cell activities.Ribosomes are assembled in the nucleolus of nucleus.

  • Mitochondria #to# extract energy from various food components and convert it in the form of #ATP#. This energy is used for several cellular activities e.g Kreb's cycle, aerobic respiration, fatty acid metabolism etc. The spent energy which is in form of #ADP# is regenerated by mitochondria into #ATP#. That's why these are also named as Powerhouses of cell.

  • Cell membrame #to# offers a barrier between cell contents and their environment only selective substances to pass through it.
    that's why it's also known as selectively permeable or differentially permeable membrane. It regulates the flow of materials and ions to maintain a definite gradient. It's also involved in endocytosis.

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