Reggie went to the store. He bought three bags of dog treats for $0.57 each, kitty litter for $2, and four bags of hamster food for $1.38 each. How much money did Reggie give the cashier?

1 Answer
Aug 31, 2017

Maybe $9.23.


Dog treats cost 3 x $0.57 = $1.71
Kitty litter cost 1 x $2.00 = $2.00
Hamster food cost 4 x $1.38 = $5.52
Total cost of goods = $9.23

This could be a trick question. It says how much money did Reggie give the cashier and not how much did the goods cost. So Reggie could have given the cashier the exact money, or he could have given for example: a $10 bill , $20 bill, $50 bill, $100 bill. This means the question doesn’t really have an exact answer.