Shari used her savings to buy 15 pounds of flour at $0,42 per pound, 8 pounds of butter at $3.99 per pound, 1 pound of salt at $0.67, and 30 pounds of cherries at $1.49 per pound. How much did she spend?

1 Answer
May 9, 2018

The answer is $83.59.


First, start with the 1st problem which is 15 pounds of flour at $0.42. Multiply 15 and 0.42 and will give you the total cost of the flour which is which is $6.30

Now, for the butter its the same thing take the eight for the pounds of butter and multiply it for the price per pound and the answer which is also the price will be $31.92

Since the pounds of salt she bought is one pound and the price is $0.67 the answer will be $0.67 since one times the number is the number multiplied by 1.

Next, take the 30 pounds of cherries and multiply it by the price of $1.49 a pound and the price is $44.70.

Now, to find your answer add up all the prices $6.30, $31.92, $0.67, and $44.70 and you will get the answer of $83.59