Sir How to add OH group to water insoluble protein?

1 Answer
Jun 5, 2018

Use a leaving group or use a nucleophilic acid.


In organic chemistry we use hydroxyl [OH] groups often, and so when we want to bond one on the end of something we can use electronegativity as a way to find the best points of attack. Now in this case you can use a plethera of reaction mechanisms to add a hydroxyl group ranging from replacements, SN1-2, E1-2, or any reaction quite honestly. Now If you need to make a soluble protein that means you need to attack a carbon to remove a carbocation. So model the resonance structures and find the best area of attack and choose the corresponding reaction and find a reactant that fills the gap in the equation.
enter image source here
This protein prefoldin - used in protein synthesis. If you can see there are a few amino acids hanging off, some of these are known as active sites. Now say you need to hydrate the carbons like the red carbon group, and for our purposes we can say its a hydrogen deficient group: enter image source here We can see this in a resonance structure...
enter image source here The R' just denotes the organic functional group that the carbon is connected to. Now if we want to add the Hydroxyl group, all we need is an acid and water.
enter image source here Now we can see that the methene group connected to the R' group transforms into an alcohol, now forming a water soluble protein [relatively speaking].