Supphurus acid is a weak acid,what will happen if it is concentrated?give reason?

1 Answer
May 27, 2018

More heat is realesed in an exothermic reaction...
Becomes more corrosive...

See detailed answer with reasons why below!!


Well concentrating a weak acid with more hydrogen will increase its pH going from a weak of around 5 to a higher 3-2.

When an acid or alakali is more concentrated it reacts with other substances more aggressively.

Therefore if Supphurus acid is more concentrated, because it already had a risk of corrosive acidic nature, it may become even more corrosive to other materials and be able to corrose other new ones.

Also weak Supphurus acid creates an reaction that is exothermic. We can say that the more concentrated the acid the larger amount of heat realeased.