Suppose 1.043 g of magnesium is heated in air. What is the theoretical amount of magnesium oxide that should be produced?

1 Answer
Nov 11, 2015

See explanation.


There reaction of burning magnesium is:

#2Mg(s) + O_2(g) -> 2MgO(s)#

To calculate the amount of magnesium oxide that will be produced when #1.043g# are burnt:

#?gMgO=underbrace(1.043cancel(color(blue)(gMg))xx(1cancel(color(red)(molMg)))/(24.31cancel(color(blue)(gMg))))_("convert g to mol")xxunderbrace((2cancel(color(green)(molMgO)))/(2cancel(color(red)(molMg))))_("Molar ratio")xxunderbrace((40.31gMgO)/(1cancel(color(green)(molMgO))))_("convert mol to g")=1.729gMgO#