Suppose you score 78, 78, and 79 on the first three tests. Is it possible for you to earn a B in the course, assuming that 100 is the maximum you can earn on the next test? Explain.

1 Answer
Mar 28, 2018

See below:


To find the percentage one has in a class, without weighting, you would find the mean of the number set. In this case,

#(78+78+79)/3 = 78.33#

Since the question is only asking if it is possible to earn a B grade in the course with a maximum of a 100, simply add 100 into the given number set, and find the mean.

#(78+78+79+100)/4 = 83.75#

Depending on what the question qualifies as a B grade, it could either be possible or impossible to earn a B grade.