The first gift is a box of 18 chocolate candy bars, and the second gift is a pack of 12 cookies. Destiny wants to use all of the chocolate candy bars and cookies to make identical snack bags for her cousins. What is the greatest number of snack bags that?

1 Answer

It depends on how many cousins Destiny has. 6 is the maximum number of bags.


2 cousins = 2 bags: 6 cookies, 9 candy bars each
3 cousins = 3 bags: 4 cookies, 6 candy bars each
6 cousins = 6 bags: 2 cookies, 3 candy bars each

Considering you want to keep all of the snacks whole, Destiny must have an amount of cousins that are also a factor of 12 and 18. Also, if Destiny is just trying to make as many bags as possible, while keeping the snacks whole, then Destiny would of course be making 6 bags.

The reason why 6 would be the most amount of snack bags is because 6 is the GCF of both 12 and 18.

factors of #12#:

factors of #18#: