The movement of atoms is an example of what type of energy?

1 Answer
Dec 28, 2015

Well, typically, the movement of any object is associated with kinetic energy.

You should be able to determine from a quick Google search that kinetic means "of, relating to, or resulting from motion."

Since kinetic energy #K# is associated with motion, it has something to do with momentum #p#. In fact, for an object with a constant mass:

#vecp = mvecv#

#color(blue)(DeltaK) = int_(vecv_i)^(vecv_f) vecpdvecv = |[m*vecv^2/2]|_(vecv_i)^(vecv_f)#

#= color(blue)(1/2 mvecv_f^2 - 1/2 mvecv_i^2)#

... the change in kinetic energy occurs in accordance with a change in the velocity over the course of an object's forward momentum.