The ratio of the leg of an isosceles triangle to its base is 4: 3. The perimeter of the triangle is 132. How do you find the length of the base?

1 Answer
Oct 23, 2016

The base has a length of 44.


Remember that a triangle has 3 sides, but because it is an isosceles triangle we only need to know two lengths. The two legs are equal in length, so the ratio of the legs to the base could also have been given as #4 : 4: 3" "larr# there are 9 parts

This is the ratio we need to use for the perimeter.

Divide #132 " in the ratio " 4:4:3#

The equal sides are #4/9 xx 132 = 58 2/3#

The length of the base is #3/9 xx 132 = 44#