There are usually fewer stomata found on the upper surface of a leaf. Suggest why this is beneficial to a plant?

2 Answers
Apr 4, 2018

this is to reduce the evaporative loss of water from the plant


plants have more stomata on the lower epidermis as compared to the upper epidermis.Also the upper part of the plant is directly exposed to the sunlight.REMEMBER THAT MORE THE TEMPERATURE MORE IS THE LOSS OF WATER FROM PLANT SURFACE.hence it is a kind of natural adaptation in plant to prevent excessive loss of water or else it might die.

Apr 8, 2018

Less water loss.


Transpiration is the process of water evaporating at the surface of the leaf. Water exists the leaf through the stomata. By having less stomata, a plant loses less water, and is not likely to become wilted, which is dangerous for the plant.

In conclusion, a plant would want to have less stomata on the upper surface of a leaf to reduce the rate of transpiration.