This question is about political parties. Can someone help me out please? Thanks!

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Oct 15, 2017



Each political Party (such as the Republicans National Convention and the Democratic National Convention) has a leadership organization. If the DNC wants to further green energy policies. They have on staff scientists, lobbyists, interns, and communication directors. They then work together to send a message that they are interested in exploring new options. The People learn about this by the internet, social media, the news, or ads. The people then tell their local politicians or representative. The rep. then acts by introducing a bill to further explore green energy issues. The DNC could also go straight to the rep. and introduce the bill, but the also go through the people to get them energized and more involved.

Oct 15, 2017



A party has a stated stance, or platform, on most pressing issues. For my whole lifetime, the Republicans have championed limited government and less taxation, while the Democrats have championed labor unions and disenfranchised minorities.

Neither party was formed with its current platform in mind; the Democrats were formed in the 1820s with a conservative, pro-slavery and pro-Andrew Jackson platform, while the Republicans took the remnants of two earlier abolitionist parties in the 1850s to form a progressive, anti-slavery, pro-Northern business party.

The Democrats (at least in their northern wing) evolved into the more progressive party around the time of Franklin Roosevelt, and the remaining southern Democrats followed suit in the 1960s when the Republicans followed their "Southern Strategy" of courting southern conservative white votes at the expense of black voters, who overwhelmingly voted Democrat by this time.

Parties are adaptable and far from consistent in developing their platforms to appeal to their voting base. Democrats today tend to favor abortion rights and oppose the death penalty, while Republicans embrace the exact opposite. As cartoonist Jules Feiffer once noted, "Republicans have all the wrong principles and Democrats don't have any."