Time travels faster than light. Light has a mass of 0 and according to Einstein nothing can move faster than light if it doesn't have its weight as 0. Then why does time travel faster than light?

It can't be possible that time has a mass which is an integer. It can be only possible that light has more mass than absolute zero as time can't have mass

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Time is nothing but an illusion as considered by many physicists. Instead, we consider time is a by-product of speed of light.


If something is travelling at the speed of light, for it, the time will be zero. Time doesn't travels faster than light.

Neither time nor light have mass, this means that light can travel at the speed of light. Time did not exist before the formation of the universe. Time will be zero at the speed of light means that time does not exist at all at the speed of light.

May 10, 2017


Time is a dimension, it doesn't have a velocity.


Particles with mass can't get to the speed of light. The faster the particle travels, the more massive it gets. It would require infinite energy to reach the speed of light.

Massless particles like the photon always travel at the speed of light.

Time is not a particle and there is no concept of time having mass. Velocity is defined as distance travelled divided by the time taken to travel the distance. Time doesn't have a velocity as velocity is a function of time.

Newton described time as linear moving from past to future and the same for everybody. All motion was described by equations which were functions of time.

Einstein showed that time is different for different observers. Time runs slower if travelling at high velocities. It also runs slower in gravitational fields.

General Relativity describes time as a dimension. It is one of the four dimensions of spacetime.

The universe is expanding. It is a process called inflation. If the theory is correct, the early universe was expanding faster than light. This means that edges of the universe were moving apart faster than the speed of light.

Inflation doesn't actually violate any laws of physics. The rule is that information can't travel faster than light. So, nothing inside the universe can travel faster than light. Spacetime itself can expand faster than light. It would be impossible for two regions separating faster than light to exchange a message as the message travelling at the sped of light would never arrive.