True or False?

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Jun 24, 2018



If congruent by the ASA postulate, the two triangles have the exact same angle measures and side lengths.

Jun 24, 2018



#"for the triangles to be congruent by ASA postulate"#

#"would require another angle to be congruent"#

#"for example angle A congruent to angle D"#

#"that is 2 angles and the included side"#

#"then by ASA they would be congruent"#

Jun 25, 2018


Penguin English dictionary states:
Postulate -definition 1
To assume or claim that (something) is true or that it exists ....

Thus we need to determine if all the given options match the requirements of SAS:

SAS -> side angle side

So we need two adjoining sides to be congruent and also the angle between them likewise to be congruent.

In one of the triangles we have sides AB and AC adjoining. So we need the angle at A to apply SAS.

This angle is not given as one of the options so your answer should be 'FALSE'