Two water tanks are being set up. Each one starts with 100 liters of water. The first tank fills at a rate of 15 liters per minute. The second one fills at the rate of 20 liters per minute. When will the first tank contain 7/3 as much as the second tank?

Possible Answers
A. 5 minutes
B. 6 minutes
C. 7 minutes
D. 8 minutes

1 Answer
Jul 6, 2018

Something wrong with the question. The first tank can not be #7/3# of the second when the second fills faster.


The first tank at 15 L/m can never have more than the second tank at 20L/m. Thus your question is the wrong way round.

Either the first tank is #3/7# of the second and the filling rate is as in the question.

Or it is the first tank that fills at 20L/m and the second at 15L/m