Wh at is the goal of natural selection?

1 Answer
Aug 1, 2017

The goal of natural selection is to cause the extinction of genomes that are not well adapted to their present environment.


Natural selection can do only one thing. Natural selection can only cause extinctions. Natural selection removes organisms whose genetic information is not well adapted to the present environment.

Natural selection does not "create" better adapted organisms. Organisms that have genetic information that is better suited to the environment do not get that genetic information from natural selection.

The most common source of information is the natural variation in the results of sexual reproduction. There is a great range of naturally occurring variation in the genetic possibilities that can occur in sexual reproduction. ( This does not result in new information)

The other source of new combinations of information is mutations. These are accidental changes in the genetic information. These changes are observed to be the result of a loss of information. (This does not result in new information)