What affects would increased blood pressure have on nephron function?

1 Answer
Aug 15, 2016

Higher glomerular filtration rate


If the blood pressure is higher, then the blood pressure associated with the glomerulus, the glomerulus hydrostatic pressure, will be greater. This pressure came from the afferent arteriole side that brought blood to the glomerulus and transmitted it the nephron. This high pressure will push fluid into the glomerulus and into the Bowman's capsule.

There are two forces acting on the glomerulus. Hydrostatic pressure and osmotic/oncotic pressure. Since the hydrostatic pressure increased, the Net Filtration Rate will increase and more filtrate is formed.

Generally speaking, you will lose more volume of urine since there was more fluid that was filtered through via the glomerulus and that will cause more urine to be excreted out.