What are 5 properties of minerals?

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Jun 26, 2018

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Five properties of minerals:

Naturally Occurring - Minerals are found on Earth and not nan-made

Inorganic - Minerals do not consist of living matter

Solid - Minerals have a definite shape and volume

Crystal Structure - Particles inside minerals form a crystal pattern

Definite Chemical Composition - Minerals are made up of Periodic Table elements- not limited to compounds

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Five properties of minerals are Crystal Structure, Density, Color, Magnetism, and Chemical Composition


Examples are Magnetite and Hematite.
1) Chemical Composition (formula): Magnetite is Fe3O4, whereas Hematite is Fe2O3.
2) Color: Magnetite is black, whereas Hematite is red.
3) Magnetism: Magnetite is strongly magnetic material, but Hematite is moderately magnetic. The magnetism test is preferable to be conducted on minerals-powder.
4) Density: Magnetite is denser than Hematite, because it is composed of Fe2O3.FeO (i.e. of less oxygen content).
5)Crystal Structure: Magnetite has octahedral lattice with lattice constant: a = 11.888 Angstrom, b = 11.847 Angstrom and c = 16.773 Angstrom. On the other hand Hematite has the crystal structure of rhombohedral with lattice constant: a= 5.038 Angstrom and c = 13.778 Angstrom.