What are all the common story genres and poem genres?

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Nov 26, 2017

There are 12 common story genres and 3 poem genres!


From adventure to realism, genres are actually important. In the following, I'm going to list the common story genres!


  1. Adventure
    Action! Thrill! Risk! Full of that stuff!

  2. Romance
    Love! Affection! Heartbreak! All about it.

  3. Historical Fiction
    Can take place in a real historical time, but all the things that happen and/or some or all of the character may not have been real; based on historical events.

  4. Mystery
    Mostly about solving a strange problem, crime, or puzzle.

  5. Fantasy
    Has some magic, and other supernatural phenomena, too.

  6. Science Fiction
    Think about aliens and UFOs. Future science and tech.

  7. Myth
    A cultural story explaining natural phenomena (of course, we now use science to explain instead) and/or entertaining us. Can involve supernatural characters. Click here for a myth explaining how the seasons change.

  8. Parody
    A spoof; another piece of art is imitated to make fun of

  9. Allegory
    A story that has a hidden meaning

  10. Graphic Novel
    A story told in art; like a comic book

  11. Satire
    A story that exposes stupidity using humor

  12. Realism
    A fiction story that could've happened (but it didn't so that's why it's called a fiction story!).

A story can be a mix of genres; it doesn't have to be only one genre. Click here for an example!


  • Free Verse
    No set rhyme or meter*.

  • Lyric
    Kind of like a song, and focusing on emotions

  • Epic
    Focused on serious events and a hero. Very long.

*: meter (in poems) means rhythm

Source: My knowledge

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