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What are all the factor pairs of 32?

1 Answer
May 22, 2016


1, 32
2, 16
4, 8


Assumption: Looking for whole number factors.

If you include fractional or decimal factors then there are infinitely many factors.

One way is to use a factor tree and then use that to build up different combinations.

Tony B

From this we observe that we have the following:

#[1]xx[32] -> 1,32#

#[2]xx[2xx2xx2xx2] -> 2, 16#

#[2xx2]xx[2xx2xx2]-> 4,8#

#[2xx2xx2]xx[2xx2]-> 8,4 " "larr "repeated pair"#

#[2xx2xx2xx2]xx[2]->16,2" "larr "repeated pair"#

#[32]xx[1] -> 32,1" "larr "repeated pair"#