What are all the prime factors of 144?

2 Answers
Aug 9, 2016


The prime factors are only #2and 3#
As the product of prime factors:
#144 = 2xx2xx2xx2xx3xx3#


The question is not very clear.

The prime factors of 144 are only 2 and 3.

However, if the intention of the question was to write 144 as the product of its prime factors, we would have the following:

#144 = 12xx12 = 16xx9 = 24xx6# etc

#144 = 2xx2xx2xx2xx3xx3#

Aug 11, 2016


From the factor tree observe that the prime factors of 144 are



If you are ever not sure about the prime factors do a quick sketch of a factor tree:

Tony B