What are endothermic vertebrates?

1 Answer
Apr 28, 2018

Endothermic vertebrates are also known as "warm-blooded" organisms that have spinal cords.


To answer this question, let's break down each word to understand what they really mean:

"Endo-" is a prefix that means "inside", and "therm" is a root that means "heat" or "warmth". Thus, an endotherm is an animal that can produce heat from within its body, which is characteristic of a warm-blooded creature.

"Vertebratus" is Latin for "jointed". The English word vertebrate is animal with a spinal cord consisting of vertebrae that are connected together.

And so, an endothermic vertebrate is an animal that can produce its own heat and possesses a spinal backbone consisting of vertebrae. Examples of these organisms include most mammals (including humans), most birds, and some reptiles.