What are examples of a circular argument (spiritually speaking)?

1 Answer
Nov 4, 2016

A good example is: "God exists because it is in the Bible. The Bible was inspired by God therefore it is true."


A circular argument is one in which the premises depend on each other for validity without any external proof. While they might seem logically valid, they do not convince because the failure of any premise leads to the collapse of the entire argument.

In the above example, the first premise postulates God's existence from the truth of the Bible; the second premise postulates the truth of the Bible from God's existence.

The number of premises do not matter in a circular argument; all that matters is that they depend on each other for validity and on no external evidence or proof.

Another example:

You must abstain from work on the Sabbath because the Bible mentions that the Sabbath is holy. The Sabbath is holy because even God rested on the seventh day of Creation. The story of God resting is true because the Bible was inspired by God.