What are examples of direct evidence for evolution?

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Apr 30, 2018

Human evolution


One of the best (but probably one of the most challenged by Catholic beliefs) is that of the evolution of man.

Some of the evolved characteristics of humans:

  • Behavior
  • Language
  • Genetics
  • Physical makeup

Anyways, there is a lot more information on many other sites on this, like the stages of the evolution, etc..
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EDIT: There is evidence from discovered artifacts of this. For example, Lucy the Neanderthal.

Aug 9, 2018

There is no direct evidence for Darwinian evolution of descent with modification that all life started from a simple one celled ancestor.


Direct evidence would be proof that accidental mutations and changes can create new, unique and more complex information.

Darwinian evolution requires proof that the simple can by totally natural causes become the the complex. Shannon's laws of information mathematically says that this is impossible. According to information theory all transfers of information are conservative and ruled by the law of entropy. This means that any changes in the DNA result in the same or less information.

Recent studies of bacterial evolution of resistance to antibiotics result from a loss of information in the DNA This is direct evidence that tends to disprove Darwinian evolution.

The evidence for descent with modification is all indirect evidence from comparative biology and fossils. There is no empirical experiments or direct evidence for Darwinian evolution.