What are examples of personification using the words rock, house, and snowstorm?

2 Answers
Mar 20, 2018

Few examples below


The rock flew through the house and damaged it during the snowstorm.

The snowstorm, with its menacing presence , was about to gobble up the house like a mere rock.

The house rocked back and forth during the snowstorm.

The house was completely unharmed, and stood still after the snowstorm, even though it was made of rocks.

Mar 20, 2018

Personification is when you attribute human feelings and actions to inanimate objects (or anything nonhuman). This is useful for creating more vivid imagery. To create personification, think of actions humans might take and feelings they could possess and put them on the nonhuman subject you want it to be attributed to.


Personification example with the word "rock":
The rocks gnashed their teeth in frustration and, with a mighty roar, tumbled down toward their targets.

Personification example with the word "house":
As he entered the house, he felt a sense of foreboding, for he could almost feel the tension in the air, as if the house itself were holding its breath.

Personification example witht he word "snowstorm":
Caught in the raging stowstorm, the brave officer plowed onwards, with the storm lashing at his feet.

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