What are exclamation points used for?

2 Answers
Jul 25, 2018

They are used for showing that you are surprised or mad or showing a great deal of an emotion.


Some examples
Thank you so much!
You ate my banana!? (It is technically a question, so you have to add question mark)

Jul 26, 2018

Exclamation marks capture happiness and emotion of the speaker


Like the name says, exclamation points (or marks) are used for capturing excitement and emotion. Take the following sentences:

"I just won the lottery!"

I believe we can all agree that whoever says that would be happy, and the exclamation mark is a way of showing that.

"I haven't seen you in years!"

Perhaps this is old friends seeing each other. I would love to see my friend from 7 years ago, or whatever it might be.

"Be careful!"

Sometimes, it's not for happy moments- exclamation marks can be used to signal if someone is serious or upset.

In summation, exclamation marks are a writer's way of expressing the emotion, good or bad, he/she is feeling.

Hope this helps!