What are featured answers?

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Jan 21, 2016

The Socratic community prides itself on writing answers to students' questions that actually teach the concepts.

On Socratic, the best answers leave students feeling empowered and inspired by understanding, rather than leaving them with just a quick answer.

Featured answers expose and celebrate such answers. They are examples of the very best we can create: answers that truly teach and make learning easier for students.

You can see featured answers on the top of each subject's home page:

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To see all the featured answers in a subject, click "view more" in the bottom right (shown with a green arrow above).

Featured answers are chosen by Socratic Heroes and subject moderators. To learn about the selection process, read this.

Having your answer chosen to be featured is something to be proud of and to strive for! But remember that not every answer can be featured, and learning how to write a featured answer is a skill you'll acquire with practice.

To learn about what makes an answer feature-worthy, check this out.

Let us know your questions and what you think of this feature in the comments!