What are features of the deep sea habitat?

1 Answer
Jan 5, 2018

High hydrostatic pressure, cold, dark, localized geothermal activity, occasional massive landslides.


The deep ocean extends from the base of the continental shelf.

It is characterized by very high hydrostatic pressure (hundreds of atmosphere), very cold water (between 2 and 4 Celsius) and darkness.

Layers of sediments, originated from the emerged landmasses, cover the bedrock of volcanic origin (basalt). Moreover detritus from the overlying water column contributes to the sedimentary accretion.

Close to the border with the continental shelf occasional massive landslides occur. Their energy is very high and have strong erosional power.

Finally along the middle oceanic ridges areas of geothermal activity are present with emission of super-heated fluids.

In conclusion the deep sea is not the barren landscape that was thought but a complex and varied environment hosting a surprising number of lifeforms adapted to its peculiar characteristics.