What are found in the nucleus and have a positive charge?

1 Answer
Jan 2, 2017

#"Protons"#, massive fundamental particles of positive unit charge........


And #"neutrons"#, massive fundamental particles with neutral charge........

At extremely short nuclear ranges, these particles engage in the #"strong nuclear force"#, which is strong enough to overcome the forces of electrostatic repulsion that operate between like charges. For better info you will have to ask a question in the Physicz forums

As I have written here before, the choice of sign of the electronic charge of nuclear proton and electron is ENTIRELY ARBITRARY. Protons and electrons have opposite electronic charge. It would have made much more sense to designate the nuclear charge as negative and the electronic charge as positive. No would complain save for a few wacko particle physicists. These days the negative charge of the electron is hallowed by usage.