What are lymphocytes and why are they important to immunity?

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Apr 20, 2016

Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell.


Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies and antitoxins.
The antitoxins destroy the toxins produced by bacteria/viruses which cause damage to the tissues in the body. When all the toxins are destroyed, the immune system(dendritic cells) remember that this antitoxin kills this specific toxin.

Antibodies destroy the bacterium in this way:
Each bacterium has a specific antigen; the antibodies attach themselves to the antigen and neutralize the bacterium. However, to find the right antibody, it takes the lymphocyte cell a few days to find the right antibody. When the right antibody is found, it is produced and kills off the bacteria. The immune system remembers that this antibody kills that specific bacterium. This means that you are immune to the illness that is caused by that bacterium.