What are political connotations?

1 Answer
Oct 11, 2016

They are connections, implications or links with politics.


A political connotation usually refers to an area of society or human activity which is not directly related to or involved with politics; but in this particular instance there is some form of political impact.

This political impact could relate to politics in general or the political aspect of the area of human activity concerned.

For example sport is a form of professional or amateur human competition. However it has political connotations both within itself or related to politics.

The recent drugs scandals and financial irregularities within sports have political connotations as they reveal the corruption within the political structure of sporting organisations such as the IOC and FIFA. This has led to resignations within these organisations.

It has also led to wider political connotations with the blanket banning of Russia from the Paralympics. This has in turn led to a war of words between Russia and the West.

Such wider political connotations reflect the fact that athletes are representing a political entity in the form of their nation state.