What are some different ways that data obtained in an experiment can be reported?

1 Answer
Jan 4, 2018

Graphs, Pictures, Tables, Charts, Equations.


Often the way data is presented is the most important part of a good analysis! What form it should take to be most useful and informative depends on both the underlying question (why was the data collected?) and the quality of the data itself.

Somethings require visualization of trends rather than mathematical exactitude of the underlying equation. Other benefit more from comparisons than separate lists. Still others will require the precision and repeatability of mathematics instead of a generalization.

Beware of using data presentation to create incorrect impressions (intentionally or not)! Don't let it happen in your presentations, and call it out when you see it in others.

There are many good (and bad) examples of "Infographics" available, as well as several excellent books, and free courses, on how to get the most from your data analysis.