What are some examples of antithesis?

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Aug 4, 2016

See below. This was an answer I posted a few minutes ago to someone else.


Here are one or two examples of antithesis.

Cliff Richard to many is the antithesis of what is the normal image of a pop/rock star. (The normal image is of a hard drinking, drug taking, fast living individual who often dies prematurely, not a single, committed Christian who has had a career spanning over 50 years)

Andrew (Beef) Johnston is the antithesis of what expect the modern professional golfer to look like. (Johnston is an overweight individual who enjoys a drink and having a good time, unlike the almost robotic super fit immaculately dressed golfers who inhabit the professional tour).

Marxism talks about a starting point (thesis) a reaction against it (antithesis) and an outcome (synthesis). Capitalism would be an existing thesis, a revolution would be the antithesis and communism would be the synthesis.