What are some examples of didactic writing?

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May 5, 2018

Didactic literature is meant to teach; they present lessons or morals.


I found a few examples of works or ideas with didactic messages;

Aesop's fables

The Seven Deadly Sins

This website introduces the idea of Didacticism well, you should check it out!


May 6, 2018

Read below, sorry it is only one example.


Didactic: intended to teach, particularly in having moral instruction as an ulterior motive.

(from https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=didactic&rlz=1C5CHFA_enGB759GB759&oq=didactic&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i60j0l4.1567j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8)

One key example includes:

An Inspector Calls- teaching us that we are all equal and we are all "responsible for each other". If we do not treat each other equally, our actions have consequences, as we are taught to treat each other equally in "fire and blood and anguish". This is from Inspector Goole's final speech, which encourages the middle-upper class Birling Family to take responsibility for their actions for what they did to Eva Smith as "millions and millions of John Smith's and Eva Smith's" are out there struggling, and we as a society are taking advantage of them.