What are some examples of igneous rocks?

1 Answer
May 6, 2018

Basalt from divergent boundaries
Granite from convergent boundaries.


igneous rocks come from the liquid mantle. Magma pours out from cracks in to the earth. The liquid magma hardeners into igneous rocks.

At divergent boundaries the earth cracks and allows magma to come to the surface due to an up rising convection current. The magma hardens into the igneous rock basalt.

At convergent boundaries one plate is pushed back down into the mantle. The plate ( usually an oceanic plate) is melted. The melted plate becomes igneous rocks. The melted material under pressure pushes up toward the surface of the earth. The magma that doesn't reach the surface hardens into granite. The magma that reaches the surface erupts in volcanos forming different forms of lava.