What are some examples of muscle tissue?

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Cardiac muscle,smooth muscle and skeletal muscle


Muscle tissue is composed of cells called muscle fibres. It can cause body movement by means of contraction.There are there types of muscle tissues:
1) smooth muscle. It can be found in intestines,blood vessels,urinary and reproductive tracts,in the walls of ileum,stomach. Smooth muscle tissues contract to cause peristaltic movement in the alimentary canal and cobtruction of blood vessels.
2) Skeletal muscle. It can be found in our arms and legs,attached to the bones. Skeletal are involved in voluntary movements. They contract and relax to move bones.
3) Cardiac muscle. It can be found in the walls of the heart. Cardiac muscle tissues in heart contract to pump blood to all parts of the body.

Feb 6, 2018


Muscle tissues are classified into three types:

  • Skeletal muscles

  • Cardiac muscles

  • Smooth muscles


Cardiac muscles:

  • Cardiac muscle cells can be referred to as semi-spindle in shape are muscles of heart these muscles contract and relax and help heart to pump blood.
  • Cardiac muscles are short.
  • These muscles are composed of chains of single cell. Each cell has its own nucleus.
  • Cardiac muscles have larger number of mitochondria in their cells.
  • These muscle fibers are branched and interconnected.
  • Their mitochondria are richly supplied with blood vessels.
  • Cardiac muscles are involuntary muscles.
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Skeletal muscles:

  • Skeletal muscle cells are cylindrical-shaped muscles attached with the skeleton and associated with the movement of bones.
  • Skeletal muscles are comparatively long.
  • Each muscle fiber cell has multiple oval nuclei. And so are multi-nucleated.
  • Skeletal muscles have lesser mitochondria comparatively.
  • Their mitochondria have moderate supply of blood vessels.
  • These muscle fibers are not branched.

  • Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles which means these are controlled consciously.
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Smooth Muscles:

  • Smooth muscles are almond shape. These are present in visceral organs like stomach, intestines and blood vessels etc...

  • These are earliest form of muscles and are found throughout the animal kingdom.

  • Each cell of a smooth muscle tissue has its single nucleus.

  • These muscles have no striations.

  • Like cardiac muscles these are also involuntary.
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