What are some examples of physical energy ?

1 Answer
Jul 28, 2015

Waves, a moving body, a block in a higher ground, gravitational pull-push, a compressed or stretched spring or rubber, magnets and magnet coil interaction, electrostatic and electrodynamics generating repulsion or attraction.


"Physical energy" is that related to interfere on raw physical matter (masses and bodies) and its activities, potentially and generally realizing work.

Examples: General waves (radio-waves, microwaves, sound waves, ocean waves, X-rays, sunlight, infrared, UVs, etc.); kinetic energy (related to moving things); potential energy (related to gravity, mass and higher grounds); gravitational pull-push (related to orbital movements and interactions of celestial objects on cosmos); a compressed or stretched spring and/or gases; magnets and magnet coil interaction producing movement; electrostatic and electrical forces generating repulsion and attraction.