What are some good examples of conflict?

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May 16, 2018

See below.


There are two types of conflict that can take the story forward.

The first is an internal confict In this case, the struggle is within the character, his feelings and thoughts; usually the main character. With internal conflicts, the character could be fighting with his dual feelings, with a decision he must make or with his own weaknesses in his personality.

Examples of Internal conflict
1. Shakespeare's play Macbeth. In this play, Macbeth is struggling with an internal conflict, his intentions; which turns violent, urging him to murder the king to take his place.
2. J.K Rowling's fantasy Harry Potter. In the fifth book, Harry has an internal conflict which involves his instinct of believing his dream of Sirius getting captured VS the facts.

The other type of conflict is an external conflict. This conflict takes place outside of the character, as in family, or work. External conflicts are struggles between the character and some other factors excluding himself. The main type of external conflict occurs when the protagonist struggles against the antagonist. However, other types of external conflicts can also take place because of other characters, acts of nature, or society in which the character lives.

Examples of External conflicts
1. Shakespeare's play Macbeth. After killing the king, his men turn against him, and he has to fight with his countrymen. This is an external conflict.
2. Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, wherein Romeo and Juliet are in love, but their families and their society intervenes.

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