What are some ways in which people can conserve natural resources?

2 Answers
Jul 24, 2018

By reusing things, by recycling materials and by minimization consumption


A paper cup or a metal container can be reused (first use is for drinking beverage and later you can carry water to your plants in pots or you can use it for decoration, seed care, etc.).

Recycling of metals greatly reduces the stress on mining areas and decrease raw (virgin) material need. Recycling aluminum cans saves energy because bauxite processing (to make aluminum cans) requires a lot of energy compared to aluminum can production from used aluminum cans.

Many things are not necessary for our lives. You can rent a tool when you need it. If you buy a tool and rarely use it, it is not an environmentally friendly solution. Therefore, minimization of consumption is an efficient way to save this planet.

Jul 30, 2018

Using renewable energy, using less energy, and recycling.


Natural resources like coal , oil and natural gases are non renewable. Using solar energy, hydroelectric energy and wind are major ways of conserving natural resources. Trees and other organic energy sources are traditional sources of renewable energy. Forests can be replanted and hemp and other organic materials such as ethanol can be used to preserve natural resources.

Using less energy by using better insulation, using less air conditioning in the summer, by adjusting the thermostat, planting shade trees all reduce that burden on the natural resources. Likewise using less heat in the winter, adding an extra quilt, keeping doors closed, having an double door system or space lock, all preserve natural resources. ( trees that lose leaves in the winter allow natural solar heat.

Recycling can also preserve natural resources. Melting down aluminum cans takes much less energy than smelting ore to make new aluminum. Plastic can be recycled instead of using precious natural reserves of oil to make new plastics.

Any thing that reduces the amount of energy that a person uses will benefit the natural resources. Walk, ride a bike, drive an electric car, use renewables, recycle, conserve.