What are some ways that humans can reduce the impacts of mass movements?

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May 10, 2015

When we talk about mass moviment, we must consider that we talk about a large group of transformation in the landscape and that occurs with some frequency in strands.

"Mass movements are defined as any rocks or sediments displacement (which are particles of rocks) on inclined surfaces and is mainly related to the action of gravity. It is depositional geomorphology events, namely sediment and deposit transporting from one location to another, behaving like a relief of the elementary transformation processes. When we talk about mass movements we must remember that we are talking about a large group of transformations in the landscape and that occurs with some frequency in enconstas"¹

But some actions can be taken to prevent them. For example: do no take up much steep sector of relief, preserve the natural vegetation of this areas.
But, some techniques can help of soil preservation and prevent this disasters (in case of areas used by agriculture, such a using level curves or contour farming that reduces soil losses)

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