What are the 3 main parts of the cell cycle?

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Nov 9, 2015


The cell cycle is an ordered set of events, culminating in cell growth and division into two daughter cells.


Mitosis produces two identical daughter cells during prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. PMAT

Interphase is technically not part of mitosis, but rather encompasses stages G1, S, and G2 of the cell cycle. The cell is preparing for mitosis.

I find this short version great for study.

Cell phases:
1. Interphase
very active period, cell grows, maintains routine functions,
replicates genetic material to prepare for nuclear division, and
synthesizes new organelles to prepare for cytoplasmic division
2. prophase
chromosomes form; nuclear envelope disappears
3. metaphase
chromosomes align midway between centrioles
4. anaphase
chromosomes separate and move to centrioles
5. telophase
chromatin forms; nuclear envelope forms, completes division.